Selasa, 27 November 2012

The steps for upload your Powerpoint

Step for include PowerPoint into the blog :
1. Open
2. When you do not have an account, complete the registration form to sign up
3. The contents of date that must be filled in registration
4. After registering, do login with a username and password that we fill in the registration form
5. click Upload
6. Click Browse, and locate the file that we will upload, click Open
7. Will is loading files to upload
8. Once uploaded on slide share, will appear PP file HTML code we usually top right section
9. Copy that HTML code into your blog with the previously entered new entry and select the type of writing HTML
10. Publish
11. Good Luck :)

Parabolic Motion Motion.pptx

Sabtu, 24 November 2012

Physical and Chemical Changes

Physical changes :
Substance changes are temporary, such as changes in form, shape or size that does not produce a new substance is a physical change. Examples of rice ground into flour. Rice is ground into flour, just show the shape and size has changed, but the molecular nature of substances on rice and flour remained the same.
The characteristics of the physical changes :
1. not form a new kind of substance,
2. changing matter can return to its original shape,
3. only be followed by changes in physical properties.

  •  examples of physical changes : 
  1. melting
                                                        sumber :   
     2. evaporation
                                                  sumber :

    3. condensation

                                                      sumber :

Chemical changes :
Changes to the substance that produces a new kind of substance is a chemical changes.
The characteristics of a chemical change of a substance, namely:
1. formed a new kind of substance,
2. substances that can not be changed back to its original shape,
3. followed by changes in the chemical properties through chemical reactions,
4. substances before the reaction mass equal to the mass of substances after the reaction.

  • examples of chemical changes :
  1. burning
                                                   sumber :
   2. rusty iron

question :
1. what causes of physical and chemical changes?
2. some of
physical and chemical changes around us.