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Physical and Chemical Changes

Physical changes :
Substance changes are temporary, such as changes in form, shape or size that does not produce a new substance is a physical change. Examples of rice ground into flour. Rice is ground into flour, just show the shape and size has changed, but the molecular nature of substances on rice and flour remained the same.
The characteristics of the physical changes :
1. not form a new kind of substance,
2. changing matter can return to its original shape,
3. only be followed by changes in physical properties.

  •  examples of physical changes : 
  1. melting
                                                        sumber :   
     2. evaporation
                                                  sumber :

    3. condensation

                                                      sumber :

Chemical changes :
Changes to the substance that produces a new kind of substance is a chemical changes.
The characteristics of a chemical change of a substance, namely:
1. formed a new kind of substance,
2. substances that can not be changed back to its original shape,
3. followed by changes in the chemical properties through chemical reactions,
4. substances before the reaction mass equal to the mass of substances after the reaction.

  • examples of chemical changes :
  1. burning
                                                   sumber :
   2. rusty iron

question :
1. what causes of physical and chemical changes?
2. some of
physical and chemical changes around us.

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  1. such a nice blog ^^
    but i wish you could give more example physical and chemical changes in daily life such as raining , melting candle and others
    keep writing girl :D

    1. thanks Inke, are some examples of physical changes in everyday life are as follows:
      - The sugar dissolves in tea
      - The salt is soluble in water
      - Making sugar from sap water
      - Preparation of sugar cane
      - Penyuliangan petroleum
      - Making oil chief
      - Mothballs sublimes into gas
      - Water freezes
      - Wheat flour milled into flour
      - Yarn converted into fabric
      - The trunk is cut so kay
      - The molten wax is heated from the solid liquid jd
      - Changes in the length of metal that is heated

      chemical change:
      - Decay of dirt in the abdomen or in the mouth
      - Burning fuel, gasoline or diesel fuel and produce liquid smoke, and energy that can propel vehicles
      - Process fotosiontesa substances in plants that have green leaves, changing the water, carbon dioxide and sunlight aid can be turned into food or carbohydrates
      thanks for your visit:)

  2. Good question

    As you know, a chemical change is the formation of a chemical from a precursor chemical(s). Basically chemical change comes from a chemical reaction and is driven by a catalyst such as heat, pressure, incompatible chemicals that do not remain stable when mixed, degradation of a chemical (they all have a shelf life!), and, believe it or not light. Yes, some chemicals are light reactive, consider the glow in the dark chemicals that form new chemicals from exposure to light (ex. cyclic hydrazides mixed with strong bases) The glow from the reaction with light is a physical indication of the chemical change.

  3. thanks diskha, I think you meant to answer my questions that number 1, but I don't understand your opinion. I just know that the cause is a change in heat transfer, can you explain in more detail according to your opinion, thanks before:)

  4. i think the physical change is a change in the form of objects that are not accompanied by changes in the nature. Changes in body can return to its original shape or temporary. For example, iron is heated will get longer. Other examples of physical changes in the ice to melt. Ice could be reshaped by refrigerated.

    A chemical change is a change in the form of the object is accompanied by changes in the nature of things. Change objects can not return to wujudsemula or fixed .. Examples of other chemical changes are burnt plastic and the evaporation of alcohol.

  5. in chemical change why he mass after and before followed the process is equal???

  6. What a difference a change of physical and chemical?

  7. yeah, I like your blog
    oh ya what is the function of a chemical change that and give examples ?

  8. nice article :)
    but, in physics change there are six changes form, doesn't it?

  9. thanks for information..I want ask you. There is change is eternal in our daily life???

  10. i like your article...

    but, can you tell me why physics and chemical can be change???

  11. i like your article.,.,because the article is quite clear,.,.,

  12. Nice Article, you can give us the problems,
    I like it