Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Creating Simple Magnet

Creating Simple Magnet

You surely already know, what is the magnet? If you do not know or have forgotten, try to open another article about magnet here. Apart from that produced by the natural stone, magnets can also be our own tables. one of them by way of electricity in one direction. Want to know how? Watch carefully the following experiment  ..

The tools you need are:

1. Cables containing copper wires (only if the cord is a duplicate)
2. Spikes (if you can nail a little long)
3. battery
4. Paper clips or other small metallic (tacks, needles, etc.)

How to make it:

1. Peel the skin of copper cable at each end-jung
2. Wrap the copper wire on a nail (try as close as possible)
3. Glue the ends of the copper wires on the battery, and wait a few moments
4. To test it try to hold the nail on the paper clip or other small metal
5. Try to observe what is going on?

How did it happen?

Nails can be like a magnet because there is a process called electromagnetic. In the vicinity of the electric current carrying wire contained magnetic field. In this experiment, the power source is a battery drain flows along copper wires wrapped around the nail. The more loops, the greater / stronger magnetic field. As a result of the existence of this magnetic field, the paper clip / other minor metals can be attached to the nail. Well, now you try to add the number of batteries. Then observe what will happen??

Good luck ...!!

4 komentar:

  1. I think your experiment is nearly about electromagnetic , can you tell me what kind of stuff which near to us using electromagnetic concept ??

  2. thanks for the information ,,
    i ask you
    whether it will have an effect on our hands?

  3. Triana,
    from the experiment we can get a magnet right? so Can we distinguish where is the nort poles and south poles?

  4. Why the nail can be magnetic ? please explain how the process ?