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The lightning as a phenomenon of static electricity

       The event of lightning symptoms include static electricity. As is known, lightning occurs when the weather is overcast or raining. Rarely occur lightning when the weather is sunny without clouds.

The occurrence of lightning associated with lightning. But lightning looks more ahead than hearing the sound of lightning. When in fact, lightning and flash occur simultaneously. Why the light of flash visible earlier than hearing lightning?

In the medium of air, light propagates faster than sound. Light propagating in air around 300,000 meters per second. Whereas sound propagating in air with a speed of 340 meters per second. So big the difference between the sound and the speed of light in air.

Lightning is an electrical spark jumps events in the air. Electrical spark jumps more often occur in rainy or overcast. A set of clouds in the sky can obtain a very strong electrical charge due to friction with the air. This gives rise to electric sparks immensely from the cloud to another cloud of opposite charge. Electrical spark jumps this is what we are familiar with the term flash.

Electrical spark jumps raises enormous heat causing the air rapidly expands its path. Rapid expansion and abrupt loud noise known as thunder.

Lightning as a static phenomenon is the result of the release of electric charges from the clouds with great energy. Experts estimate, if only the energy generated from the discharge can be utilized, the energy generated of lightning can move thousands of electric trains.

trying to make of lightning

The material is:
1. plastic sheet
2. Scotch tape
3. Rubber gloves
4. Iron or steel pot (not aluminum) are great with plastic handle
5. Iron or steel fork
6. plastic ruler

1. Glue the plastic sheet on the table using tape
2. Wear rubber gloves for safety
3. Hold the pan by the handle and then vigorously rub the back of the pan on top of the plastic sheet
4. Take the fork to the other hand and gently lift the tip of the fork with the pot. When the distance is shortened, there will be both static electric sparks that jump like lightning or of lightning.
5. Please try again and replace the fork by using a plastic ruler.

 Happy to try:)

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    can we keep the energy of lightning?

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    Can we harness energy from the lightning?