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According to WHO, every 6.5 seconds a person dies because of smoking. Research estimates that people who start smoking in their teens (70% of smokers started at an early age) and continuous smoke sapai 2 decades or more, will die 20-25 years earlier leibh of people who have never touched a cigarette. Smoking not only causes lung cancer, heart disease and other serious health problems.

Facts about smoking :
- Smoking has killed 4.9 million people worldwide in 2000 and is estimated to be 9.8 million in 2020.
- That people die from cigarettes in the world is 350.000/bulan, 11.666/hari, 486/jam and 8 people per minute.
- Smoking kills more than AIDS, drugs, accidents, murder and suicide.

Smoking Dangers to Your Health
Dangers of smoking may be we can not see directly the same day, a new danger will be felt after some time someone started smoking addiction. Maybe here are some of the dangers of smoking to health that we know of :
  •  Heart Disease 
Definitely one of the diseases that arise from smoking is heart disease, why do I say so? because, according to a survey in the year 2012 the main cause of someone having a heart attack is smoking. because some substances contained by nicotine and tar cigarettes are like can degrade the performance of heart disease itself so the vulnerability of heart disease will be higher.

  • Lung Cancer
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Other diseases that may arise as a result of smoking is lung cancer, cancer of the lungs caused by too much of the air transport of carcinogenic than cigarette smoke that causes dysfunction in the lungs. 

  • Speeding Death

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     From various surveys over the years someone dies from smoking is increasing, it is proved that in other words smoking can make someone's death 

  •  Health Threatening Oth
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Do not be mistaken for smoke mangancam only our own health, but indirectly there has been detrimental to the health of others as someone who's been around us also inhale smoke that then we know secondhand smoke. Do not think passive smoking is not harmful to kesehetan instead it will be a threat to the person.
  • Harmful to the health of the fetus (for women)smoke it would be very dangerous for the health of the fetus a woman, because the future can lead to miscarriage or the baby will born in a state of disability.
  • Mouth disease
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    Mouth disease caused by smoking include cancer of the mouth, throat cancer, dental disease, diseases of the teeth and breath.

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                                           How Stop Smoking :

    1. Genuine intention to quit smoking. 
    2. Learning to hate cigarettes
    3. Hang out with people who do not smoke
    4. More often go to places that are air-conditioned office
    5. Move all items associated with smoking.
    6. If you want a cigarette, wait for another 10 minutes.
    7. Tell your friends and people nearby if we want to stop smoking.
    8. Reduce jumplah smoking little by little.
    9. Eliminate the habit Bengong or wait.
    10. Frequently going to the hospital, in order to know the importance of health.
    11. Find a substitute for cigarettes, such as candy or sugar. 
    12. Try and try again if it still fails.

 for smokers, this isand this is
better than eating candy from smoking !!!

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  1. it's horrible to read your post of smoking dangers, there is so many effect caused of smoking i hope many people who smoking read this post and leave that bad hobbies ^^

  2. thx the information. but can you give me any advise to stop smoking for smokers?

  3. What do you think about the negative thinking about smoking ?