Senin, 17 Desember 2012

Based on data from the transport minister lately accidents often occur, either between a car with a car, a motorcycle with a motorcycle, or car with a motorcycle. Of course, a collision between a motorcycle and a car more dangersl than a collision between two motorcycles, assume that the vehicle is moving at the same rate. The mass of the car is much greater than the mass of the motorcycle, so when the car is moving, the momentum of the car is greater than the momentum of the bike motorcycle. When cars and bikes collide or even collide, it is definitely motorcycle bouncing. Because of the greater momentum possessed by an object, the greater the effect caused when the object collision.
momentum of an object is defined as the product of the mass of the object with the velocity of the object.
                                                                    (P = m x v)

if mass of car and motorcycle respectively has a mass of 500 kg and 30 kg
moving against one another in a linear trajectory slippery
perfect with v
car: 2 m / s and v motorcycle = - 2 m / s. how the momentum of the car and motorcycle ?
Pcar = m x v
        = 500 kg x 2 m/s
        = 1000 kg m/s

P motorcycle = m x v
                      = 30 kg x -2 m/s
                      = -60 kg m/s
then how to change the momentum of the two objects after the collision if the velocity of  motorcycle is +2 m/s  ?

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  1. Triana,
    what the dimension of momentum?

  2. how about if a motorcycle hit a stop car? is the people in the motorcycle still get hard injury?

  3. give more examples in daily life of momentum ?

  4. ok tsd, what would happen if a small mass and its velocity increases?